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I don't know I wasnt too special before I got diagnosed. I was just like.... Average? Lazy sort of food obsessed fangirl thing that watches game of thrones....

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April 17, 2015

Armidale, New South Wales, Australia 2350

June 1, 1998

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ALL Leukemia

March 23, 2015

Choice in person/s to attack

Never under estimate your abilities. There is always someone worse off. Count your blessings. Enjoy life

Live, Pray, pray pray pray pray

Lemon infused everything. Eating generally healthy.

A cure. PRAY

Drink plenty of lemon water, eat yogurt and drink milk!

Fate loves the fearless. Don't fear your cancer. Fight it. PRAY PRAY PRAY

Fatigue, vommiting, sick, flu like symptoms, ear ache, my dog started acting really weird too. Increased heart rate, pale, dizzy, lazy, moody (idk) I actually don't know why I put up with it at all what the hell...


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